(Head Coach and founder of The Skate Company Berlin)

London born Michael has enjoyed a long and successful career performing in many shows all over the world. After arriving in Germany 12 years ago and joining the cast of the hit show ‘Starlight Express’ he was quickly appointed the role of Dance Captain. This role involved teaching non skaters for a period of up to 6 months how to be as comfortable as possible and therefore execute the shows Choreography. Michael would spend up to 40 hours a week on skates coaching and training the Starlight performers to be able to meet the expectations and demands of the show.
After leaving to pursue other projects Michael went on to produce and choreograph different projects fusing choreography and skating together. Some of his works have since been posted online and viewed over a million times! As a result of this he can be found choreographing and taking workshops all over Europe based on his concepts.
Michael is extremely excited to begin this adventure at The Skate Company Berlin and to pass on his knowledge and experience to children, teens and adults of all ages. He is widely respected within the skating community, not only for his artistic capabilities but his natural flair at teaching and coaching in such an articulate but very fun and enjoyable way.

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Gordon was born in Wesel Germany and has had an exceptional career within the musical theatre Industry. His performing credits include Elisabeth, We Will Rock You, Les miserables, The Rocky horror show, Aida, Evita and Hairspray. He has also worked on many creative teams setting up many productions, some of which include We Will Rock You, Hairspray, The Rocky horror show and most recently the German Premiere of Bodyguard das Musical where he was responsible for casting, teaching and directing the children playing the lead role of Fletcher Marron. Gordon's whole career was very much influenced by one very important show that he saw when he was only 11 years old, this show was Starlight Express. Little did he know then that he would be playing a lead role, on skates in that very same show 23 years later! Gordon is very excited and happy to have joined the team and looks forward to meeting you all.


(Guest Coach)

Lauren was born in Bochum Germany and has worked extensively throughout the performance industry. Her Musical theatre credits include Dirty dancing, Starlight Express, Ich war noch niemals in New York and Thriller live Tour where she not only performed but was resident director of this critically acclaimed show. Lauren’s commercial credits include Birkenstock, Schlage des jahres, monty python Live and recently Vodafone where she appeared on her skates for a campaign of theirs. Lauren has recently finished filming for the film ‘Kingsman-The Golden Circle’ Directed by Matthew Vaughn where she plays a beauty robot also on her skates!