Come and be a part of and share the wonderful experience of skating! Here at the Skate company Berlin we believe that fitness, well being and fun is absolute paramount to everybody's life. We also understand that the gym and fitness classes can become some what boring, repetitive and sometimes just the thought can be a burden.

Do not fear, we can help! Come and join our experienced skate coaches and instructors and learn a new skill. If its cardio, coordination, tricks and technique you are seeking then you have come to the right place. There are many health benefits to skating, and all to be taken seriously. However the fact that you can burn calories, learn basic to advanced choreography and really enjoy yourself at the same time for us is a win win!

We offer classes for every age and standard. Send your kids to skate school where they will have the time of their lives nurturing the skill of skating, playing games and all while making friends and having fun. Or get yourself to one of our adult Roller fit classes and work up a sweat challenging your mind and body. Check out all the class descriptions above.


 Classes are indoors. Address: Neuenburger Str. 13, 10969, Berlin.


Are you ready to roll?  Lets go!!

Here at the skate company Berlin we offer skate school for all ages and standards. Each class will be filled with music, laughter, games and fun! However, Safety is paramount and therefore so is the correct technique in order to make the most out of the class. We work on basic maneuvers, stopping, crossovers, jumps, spins, and eventually tricks!


During the course of the term we aim to encourage and support our rollers by increasing the difficulty as each week passes. The idea being that eventually wether its our ‘little Rollers’ ‘Beginner Rollers’ or our ‘Intermediate Rollers’ They will all leave feeling better, fitter, and a more confident skater!

We offer 3 classes for kids and teens:

(Ages 4+) This class is designed for the newbie roller skater. Each little roller will be encouraged, supported and will have a lot of fun! Music and games, friends and laughter is what happens here!

(Ages 4+) This Class is for the slightly more confident Rollers or ‘Little Roller’ graduates! Skating technique, Games and eventually tricks and tips is what happens here!

(Ages 8+) This Class is for the more experienced, more confident skater! Skating forwards, backwards, crossing over and speed is what happens here! Expect to spin, jump, and in time learn basic to advanced choreography.


Skating, fitness, Aerobics and Choreography is what happens here! All standards are encouraged and warmly welcomed. Each class is 90 mins long and structured so not only do we touch on skating technique and correct body alignment but basic steps, sequences and choreography. If its more confidence you need to get those skates rolling around the park then you've come to the right place.

Challenge your mind and body to coordinate together and work up a real sweat conditioning your body and having a blast learning another skill. Each week more and more steps are added until finally we can jam, rex, roll and groove to all the beats!

Roller fit is designed for the roller skate however inline skates are welcome. Knee Pads and Elbow pads are compulsory. Some individuals might want to wear wrist guards. All are not provided and should be the property of each person. All of our coaches will teach in both English and German.